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CH Combat Stick
Our Price: £89.99 Inc VAT

If you think it's hard to perfect perfection - our Combatstick 568 will surely change your thinking. We've taken our popular mid-range USB Combatstick, and added the features you've been wanting.

CH Flight Stick Pro
Our Price: £89.99 Inc VAT

CH Products has brought a classic back to life with the Flightstick Pro USB. This solid, ambidextrous controller has set the standard for all joysticks past and present

CH Fighter Stick
Our Price: £124.98 Inc VAT

The Fighterstick USB is the flagship joystick from our fleet. Authentically modelled after the USAF F-16's control column and featuring more than 132 programmable functions, this controller is intended for the advanced armchair pilot demanding superior firepower.
CH Flight Sim Yoke
Our Price: £124.98 Inc VAT

The CH Flight Sim Yoke is a truly realistic, professional flight yoke designed for computer pilots to add that extra look and feel of super realism to your simulations.
CH Pro Pedals
Our Price: £124.98 Inc VAT

Our best Pedals ever, with toe brakes!
Winner of the "Best Hardware" award from Microwings.
CH Pro Throttle
Our Price: £124.98 Inc VAT

Flight Simulation just became more real! Pro Throttle USB will deliver stomach-dropping excitement at maximum velocity to every flight-sim enthusiast. Proclaimed the BEST Hands On Throttle And Stick on the market by Computer Gaming World, this is a "must have" for all serious pilots.

CH Throttle Quadrant
Our Price: £124.98 Inc VAT

The moment you all have been waiting for is here!! CH Products are desperate to let you know about a new product on the drawing board. We are pleased to provide you with the following information, with which to taunt you...
CH Eclipse Yoke
Our Price: £179.99 Inc VAT

CH Products is proud to release the latest and greatest in Flight Simulation hardware with the release of its new high end yoke, the new  CH Eclipse !!  Built with the same high end components you find in our industrial products, the CH Eclipse brings value added functions to compliment all your favorite sims.
Cab Controller
Our Price: £179.99 Inc VAT

Drive your train with realistic throttle, brake, reverser, and switch controls, plus 34 programmable buttons. RailDriver- Desktop Train Cab Controller - feels like you're driving a train, not a computer.

Pilot Seat 2010
Our Price: £329.99 Inc VAT

Enables you adopt the same sitting position as a pilot does in the cockpit in comfort and total control.